NBCC share jumps to 8% after securing orders worth Rs.491 crore

The state-owned construction company NBCC (India) saw an increase in its shares during early morning trading today, with each share rising 8.4% to ₹141. The company reported receiving orders worth ₹491.45 crore from several clients.

The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) granted the firm an order worth ₹112 crore to build a multi-facility healthcare complex, the company reported in an exchange filing on Wednesday.

Furthermore, the Department of Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities awarded them an order of ₹73.27 crore for the construction of the Infrastructure Complex (IIC) in Bargarh District, Odisha, along with peripheral development.

The stock has rewarded investors with a gain of 79% over the previous half-year and 219% over the last year, mostly due to impressive order wins this year. At ₹15.90 per share in April 2020, the stock had a 780% increase in value.

As of 10:30 Am, NBCC shares jumped 7.80% to Rs.140 on NSE.

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