RVNL share hits all-time high in early session

RVNL reached an all-time high on the BSE on Tuesday (July 9, 2024) after the railway PSU completed a Rs 827 crore block deal in the morning.

On Tuesday, the stock rose 9.58 percent to an all-time high of Rs 620 after closing at Rs 565.80 the day before.

RVNL reportedly carried out a block deal of Rs 827 crore on Tuesday, in which 0.7% of the company’s shares, or 1.4 million shares, were exchanged at an average price of Rs 585 per share.

The company’s 1.4 crore shares, or 0.7% of the total, were allegedly traded on Tuesday in a block deal valued at Rs 827 crore, with an average price of Rs 585 per share.

On Monday, RVNL also had a block deal in which 5 lakh shares of the firm changed hands at an average price of Rs 560 in a deal worth Rs 806 crore.

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