Remedium Lifecare share witnesses a strong rally of 20% as stock trades ex-bonus today

The board of directors of short Remedium Lifecare Ltd. has set a record date for issuing bonus shares.

The company board has set July 6, 2024 as the record date on an esx-ate basis for completing the eligible shareholders for the issuing of bonus shares; the company board has already declared bonus shares at a 3:1 ratio. So, in the final trading session before the bonus share record date, the Remedium Lifecare share price saw significant buying in the early morning.

Following Friday’s price adjustment, Remedium Lifecare shares started at ₹19.78 on BSE and reached an intraday high of ₹20.92 per share.

The small-cap company reported to the Indian stock market exchange of the bonus share move, stating, “In terms of Regulation 42 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements), Regulations 2015, as amended, we hereby to inform you that Remedium Lifecare Limited (“the Company”) has fixed the Record date as Saturday, 06th July, 2024 in order to determine the number of shareholders entitled for Bonus Equity shares in the ratio of3:1 (i.e., Three Equity Shares of Re. 1/- each fully paid up for every One Equity Share of Re. 11- each fully paid up held as on the record date decided for this purpose).”

At 10:54 am, Remedium Lifecare shares were trading 20.00% at 20.94.

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