PTC Industries share rises 6% on fundraise buzz

In 2024, PTC Industries’ shares have been among the best-performing in the Indian stock market. PTC Industries’ share price has increased dramatically year-to-date (YTD), rising from around ₹6,600 to ₹15,700 per share on the NSE, a whopping 135 percent rise.

This multibagger stock’s latest upward rise suggests that it still has potential. PTC Industries’ share price jumped to ₹15,700 per share within hours after the opening bell, indicating a 6.50 percent increase in Thursday trade.

Since the firm had called a board meeting this week to discuss and authorize the raising of funds through the issuance of fresh shares, the multibagger stock was under the bulls’ radar.

As of 12:56 pm, PTC Industries shares were trading 1.30% higher at ₹14943.55.

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