Indian Stock Market set to break records on June 4: PM Modi’s projections amid Lok Sabha election results

In a recent exclusive conversation with Sanjay Pugalia, chief editor of NDTV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made bold projections regarding the Indian stock market, anticipating record-breaking performance on June 4 in the wake of the Lok Sabha election results. PM Modi emphasized the importance of new investors in driving economic growth and urged citizens to embrace a higher risk appetite in the stock market.

PM Modi’s optimistic outlook on the stock market surge post-election results reflects confidence in the country’s economic trajectory. He highlighted the significant growth witnessed in the markets over the past decade, underlining the potential for further expansion with increased participation from the general public.

Bank Nifty is currently trading at Rs 48,199.50 as closed on May 18, 2024.

The Prime Minister’s call for every citizen to develop a risk appetite aligns with his vision of strengthening the economy through broader market participation. Emphasizing the role of new investors in bolstering economic growth, PM Modi underscored the need for individuals to venture into the stock market to fortify the nation’s financial landscape.

As the Lok Sabha election results draw near, PM Modi’s projections regarding the stock market reaching new heights post-June 4 have sparked interest and anticipation among investors and market participants. The implications of this anticipated surge on the financial markets and investor sentiment remain topics of keen observation as the country awaits the election outcome and its impact on the economic landscape.