ITC stock sees positive trading day as share jumps to 4%

Itc’s stock price increased by 4% today, June 5, 2024. The stock closed at Rs. 415.4 per share. The stock is presently trading at Rs.434.45 per share.

ITC opened at ₹426.95 on the last day, had a high of ₹427, a low of ₹403, and closed at ₹430.55. The market capitalization was ₹518615.33 crores. ₹499.6 was the 52-week high, while ₹399.3 was the 52-week low. There were 2583705 shares traded for ITC on the BSE.

Meanwhile, Godfrey Phillips India, VST Industries, and Golden Tobacco are all seeing rises, while NTC Industries is seeing a decline. The benchmark indices Nifty and Sensex have increased by 1.53% and 1.87%, respectively.

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