5 most expensive stock in India; MRF touches Rs.1,25,431.50 stock price

Investing in the most expensive share in India requires careful study. So, if you’re interested in the most expensive stocks on Indian stock markets and how they’re priced, read on; we’ve done our best to answer the question in this article and compiled a list of India’s most expensive stocks.

Here are the 5 Most Expensive Stocks in India

Company Name Market Cap (Rs. crores)  Stock Price (Rs.)
MRF Ltd 53,236.57 1,25,431.50
Honeywell Automation India Ltd 45,357.01 51,424.60
Page Industries Ltd 40,098.18 35,954.70
Shree Cement Ltd 88,897.19 24,680.60
3M India Ltd 37,625.33 33,385.00


1. MRF Ltd

MRF Ltd has a market capital of Rs. 53,236.57 crores and a stock price of Rs. 1,25,431.50. MRF Ltd, a renowned tyre manufacturer in India, provides a diverse variety of tyres. It specializes in tyres for cars and bikes, trucks and buses, LCV and SCV (light and small commercial vehicles), agricultural services and OTR tyres.

2. Honeywell Automation India Ltd

Honeywell Automation India Ltd has a market capital of Rs. 45,357.01 crores and a stock price of Rs. 51,424.60. Honeywell Automation India Ltd, founded in 1984, is a market leader in offering integrated automation and software solutions, including process and building solutions. It is a Fortune India 500 company with a broad range of products in environmental, combustion controls and sensing and control. It also offers technical services to clients globally in the automation and control fields.

3. Page Industries Ltd

Page Industries Ltd has a market capital of Rs. 40,098.18 crores and a stock price of Rs. 35,954.70. One of the most expensive shares on the Indian stock market is Jockey India, as it is commonly known. Page Industries Ltd, the market leader in the Indian innerwear industry, is one of India’s most expensive stocks. Page Industries has become a major force in the Indian innerwear and athleisure market as the exclusive licensee of Jockey International Inc. (USA) for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the Jockey brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

4. Shree Cement Ltd

Shree Cement Ltd has a market capital of Rs. 88,897.19 crores and a stock price of Rs. 24,680.60. One of the major cement manufacturers in India is Shree Cement. Since its founding in 1979, the company has gradually developed and expanded its operations across India. This expensive share in India. Thus, the company promotes its products under three brand names. These are Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement and Tuff Cemento.

5. 3M India Ltd

3M India Ltd has a market capital of Rs. 37,625.33 crores and a stock price of Rs. 33,385.00. 3M India Ltd is a technology company that operates in several categories, including industrial, packaging, healthcare, safety and graphics and consumer. Some familiar brands of 3M brands include Scotch Brite, Scotch Tape, Post-Its, and Scotchgard Glue. It is one of the high-value shares in India on our list.


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