5 best green energy stocks in India; KPI Green Energy leads with Rs.1,834.90 stock price

Concerns about climate change and the loss of fossil fuels have raised pressure to switch to renewable energy sources in recent years. India, one of the nations with the fastest rates of economic growth, is mindful of the significance of using renewable energy sources. The nation is anticipated to see an important rise in expenditures and efforts in 2024 to boost green energy sources. As a result, investors are focusing more and more on green energy companies since they have solid growth potential and potential long-term returns.

Here are 5 best green energy stocks in India

Company Name Market Cap (Rs. crores)  Stock Price (Rs.)
KPI Green Energy Ltd  11,088.38  1,834.90
BF Utilities Ltd 3,459.21 922.00
Tata Power Company Ltd 1,43,310.98 448.65
Adani Green Energy Ltd 2,85,917.86 1,806.30
SJVN Ltd 53,091.53 135.03

KPI Green Energy Ltd

KPI Green Energy Ltd is a solar energy production company with a market capitalization of Rs. 11,088.38 crores and a stock price of Rs. 1,834.90. Compared to the industry average of 10.91%, the company’s revenue has increased at a remarkable 82.91% annual growth rate.

BF Utilities Ltd

BF Utilities Ltd is a holding company headquartered in India with a market capitalization of Rs. 3,459.21 crores and a stock price of Rs. 922.00. Its primary focus is on generating power using renewable energy sources such as windmills and infrastructure. Over the previous five years, this company’s revenue has grown by 13.5%, above the industry average of 10.91%.

Tata Power Company Ltd

Tata Power Company Ltd, one of the most well-known integrated power companies in India, has a market capitalization of Rs. 1,43,310.98 crores and a stock price of Rs. 448.65. The company has been rapidly growing its fleet of renewable energy sources and hopes to have 25% of its revenue come from renewable sources, with a special focus on solar and wind power projects by 2025.

Adani Green Energy Ltd

Adani Green Energy is a major green energy firm in India, and it is a part of the Adani Group. The company has a market capitalization of Rs. 2,85,917.86 crores and a stock price of Rs. 1,806.30. The firm intends to greatly increase its capacity in the upcoming years and now boasts an impressive portfolio of wind and solar power projects.


SJVN Ltd, formerly known as Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam, is an Indian PSU that generates and distributes hydroelectric power. This midcap stock has a market capitalization of Rs. 53,091.53 crores and a stock price of Rs. 135.03. The company’s market share has recently decreased from 13.28% to 9.74% during the last five years.


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